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The Ivy Group - Value Added Services Clients often approach The Ivy Group to seek professional property management services after being frustrated at managing properties themselves.

Property management is defined by a multitude of leadership skills, people management and responsibilities with significant cost implications ranging from real estate planning, investment strategy, sustainability, occupancy, compliance and tenant well being.

Because owners are conscientious of property values, The Ivy Group minimally considers the following factors when managing properties:

Asset protection & optimization Asset protection & optimization
Risk management and mitigation Risk management and mitigation
Property valuation and repositioning Property valuation and repositioning
Ensure properties are adequately insured, maintained and secured Ensure properties are adequately insured, maintained and secured
Strategies to maximize value & investment Strategies to maximize value & investment
Keep the space fully leased at market rates or above Keep the space fully leased at market rates or above
Invest in deferred maintenance & improvements Invest in deferred maintenance & improvements
Control costs by passing pro-rata share of operating expenses and vendor charges to tenants Control costs by passing pro-rata share of operating expenses and vendor charges to tenants

The Ivy Group has been providing property management services to clients for more than a decade. We specialize in the management of:

Multi-tenant offices Multi-tenant offices
Industrial/warehouse buildings Industrial/warehouse buildings
Retail centers Retail centers
Medical & dental buildings Medical & dental buildings
Business condominiums Business condominiums
Land holdings Land holdings

The Ivy Group’s proprietary approach to property maintenance ensures that the value of our client’s property is protected and enhanced over time.

We are experts at marketing, leasing, contract management, vendor management and accounting. Equally important, The Ivy Group’s systems for controlling costs and collecting operating expenses can reduce lost revenues, which go right to our client’s bottom line.

While every property is different and has its own set of challenges, our property management services focus on the following core solutions:

Effective leasing and tenant retention Effective leasing and tenant retention: The Ivy Group’s primary objective is to establish strong relationships with tenants and vendors. The properties we manage are well maintained, safe, and attractive for existing and prospective tenants, and we strive to maintain occupancy rates that consistently approach 100%.
Efficient operating expense billing Efficient operating expense billing: Often, when we assume the management of a building, we discover the previous manager or owner had difficulty accounting and collecting tenant operating expenses such as utilities, garbage collection, landscaping, property taxes and insurance. By collecting in advance, we ensure owners are not left with unrecoverable expenses should a tenant terminate its lease early.
Reliable accounts payable and receivable Reliable accounts payable and receivable: We apply our vast experience to actively collect rent from tenants. In the event that rent payments lag, we are directly involved in many of the aspects to address the issue and escalate it to begin the legal process for collection.

Funds for individual properties are always kept separate. Each property has its own cash management account as well as an interest-bearing reserve account. The series of checks and balances minimize mistakes, and keep owner’s funds safe.
Responsive maintenance requests Responsive maintenance requests: When property maintenance is required, tenants expect highly responsive service. The Ivy Group provides quick actions even at nights, or on weekends on priority requests and emergencies.
Accurate budgeting, rent forecasts, and owner distributions Accurate budgeting, rent forecasts, and owner distributions: The Ivy Group prepares annual budget forecasts including rent projections, operating expenses, and owner distributions for each property we manage. Detailed budgeting (backed by full documentation) makes it easier to pre-bill tenants for operating costs, and anticipates other expenses as required. We also invoice tenants monthly, a practice which we find significantly speeds up collections and enhances distributions.

Our knowledge, experience and professionalism have benefited clients in maximizing property values and investments. Clients employ us to obtain the most from their investments, simplify life and enjoy real peace of mind.

The Ivy Group provides an unsurpassed level of property management services. The most important quality is our diligence in ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. Clients count on us to manage their building professionally, maintain it properly, protect it against risks, market it aggressively, and keep them alert to marketplace changes that could impact their investment.

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