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City of Fremont, CaliforniaABOUT FREMONT, CALIFORNIA

Located on the southeast side of the San Francisco Bay, Fremont is ideally located in Silicon Valley with an area of 90-square miles, making it the 4th most populous city in the Bay Area and California's 15th largest city. Fremont is located within Alameda County.

With its moderate climate and its proximity to major universities, shopping areas, recreation and cultural activities, employment centers, major airports, and the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system, Fremont captures metropolitan living at its best.

Population 220,000 residents
71,004 households
Diverse & educated with 49% adults holding a Bachelors, Graduate or Professional degree
Average household income $114,000
Average home price $654,700

Home to a vast industrial area that sits on the edge of the most innovative region in the world, Fremont is poised to become a vital zone for 21st century American industrial production. The opportunity is here and the time is now.

Well-located in the south eastern region of the Bay Area, south of Oakland & San Francisco, and north of San Jose
Boasts some of the best performing public schools in the state of California, and is located near many centers of higher education and research institutions
Easy access to 3 international airports, interstate highways, ports, rail lines and Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)


1,200 technology firms
Received over $1 billion of venture capital in recent years
Recognized in Silicon Valley's top five for patent awards
National leader in advanced manufacturing
R&D/manufacturing is 25% of City of Fremont employment
40 million square feet of industrial space; 64% of R&D in the East Bay Area
Strong cluster of biomedical manufacturing companies
Ranks 2nd Best Run City in America List
Voted the 2nd Most Inventive City in America by Newsweek with 2,200 patents in 2010
Ranks #1 in technology startups :: 21 per 100,000 residents (OpenForum 10/3/12)
Leads Silicon Valley in closing the wage gap with women earning 97% of men's salary
Ranks among America's Sharpest and Smartest Cities (Reader's Digest, Oct 2012)

The City of Fremont was awarded a $330,000 U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant to study the Warm Springs/South Fremont area. Click here to view the EDA study.

The City has completed a Jobs Recovery Strategy, which addresses the reuse and revitalization of 850 acres in Warm Springs/South Fremont, following the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI) automobile plant closure in 2010.

This area is critically important to the City and the region and represents a unique convergence of forces. Electric car manufacturer, Tesla Motors now anchors this district in the former NUMMI plant. There is also an abundance of industrial space and vacant land, including 160 acres owned by Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) that is currently being marketed to significant employment users.

In late 2015, a new BART station will open within walking distance of Tesla Motors and the UPRR property. The City and the region are heavily invested in ensuring the area is developed strategically and takes advantage of the huge public support and regional access provided by the new BART station.
Jobs Distribution: Region, Alameda County, Fremont
Known as the Bay Area capital for technology manufacturing
Home to growing cluster of 30 clean technology companies including:
    * Tesla Motors
    * Solaria
    * Greenvolts
Fremont Companies
Other major companies include:
    * Lam Research

    * Boston Scientific
    * Seagate
    * Western Digital
    * Thermo Fisher Scientific

   * Washington Hospital
    * Kaiser Permanente
    * Fremont Unified School District
    * DMS Facility Services
    * Sysco Food Services

Growing industries and employment sectors include:
    * Electric Vehicle Industry
    * High-Tech and Information Technology
    * Clean and Green Technology
    * Biotechnology and Life Sciences
    * Logistics, Warehousing, Goods Movement

Download the Warms Springs Urban Land Institute ReportURBAN LAND INSTITUTE STUDY
An advisory panel of national experts from the Urban Land Institute (ULI) visited Fremont June 11 - 14, 2012, to analyze the Warm Springs/South Fremont area as a 21st Century Workplace.

ULI, a nonprofit education and research institute, worked with business and community stakeholders to analyze the 850-acre area surrounding the Tesla Factory and the future Warms Springs BART Station as a 21st Century Workplace. The report provides recommendations and sketches for an employment focused Transit Oriented Development.

The ULI final Panel Report on Warm Springs has been completed and can be downloaded.

Watch the 90-minute video to learn more about ULI's findings and next steps in creating a dynamic workplace in Fremont.

ULI Report
PowerPoint Presentation

Fremont Advanced & Sustainable Technology (FAST)
FAST stands for Fremont Advanced & Sustainable Technology.

FAST is an economic development strategy to encourage sustainable advanced manufacturing growth through proactive public-private partnerships. The plan leverages existing innovative technology companies clustered around Warm Springs/Baylands to more broadly promote the area as an employment focused Transit Oriented development District.

The strategy is in keeping the Urban Land Institute study in June 2012, which designates a new "Innovation Center" in Warm Springs to help grow and support this important cluster.

Warm Springs/Bayland district was chosen because of the existing concentration of innovative businesses located in the area such as Tesla Motors, Delta Products, Redwood Systems, ThermoFisher, and Bruker Biospin and others. Additionally, the area is primed for future growth with the opening of the new BART station in 2015 as well as the supply of available land zoned for transit-oriented industrial development. The confluence of existing businesses, public investment in infrastructure, vacant land as well as the international businesses seeking locations to settle in Silicon Valley, created the need for a focused economic development strategy to optimize future development opportunities.

Founding partners of this public-private partnership initiative include the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, California Green Technology Center and the City of Fremont's Economic Development Department.

FAST includes the following components:
Marketing and Branding
Development of Innovation Center / Opportunities for Collaboration, Education
Fremont Companies
Designation of Demonstration Areas to highlight Fremont Innovations
Develop Event Schedule

FAST is in the planning stages. Next steps include establishing a larger stakeholder working group and finalizing district boundaries.


Impact Fee Reductions and Deferral for LEED Platinum Buildings :: 25% reduction in impact fees for commercial buildings, which are certified as LEED Platinum.
Business Tax Exemption for Clean Technology and Biotechnology :: 5-year exemption for new qualified businesses and a 2-year exemption for existing qualified businesses.
Foreign Trade Zone
No Utility User Tax
Site Selection and Permitting Assistance
Hazardous Materials Expertise

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