Financial Analytics

Commercial real estate and financial analytics go hand in hand. Whether you’re an investor or owner/use, it is imperative to use data and financial analytics to determine whether an asset fits the requirements.

As investors chase yield in primary and secondary markets, cash flow has become as important as cap rate compression. A flight to quality has replaced portfolio and entity level transactions. More than ever, clients need our local expertise financial analysis to deploy commercial real estate investment methodologies and tools that speed the pathway between opportunity, decision making and ultimately success for an asset.

The Ivy Group represents a larger vision of the commercial real estate advisor, leveraging investment analysis, options of value and underwriting to become a leader in building cash flow vehicle and creating value.

Our training and experience in evaluation properties include:

  • Site Selection
  • Market Analysis
  • Demand/absorption Analysis
  • Expense Ratios
  • Occupancy Costs
  • Build cash flow model to make informed investment decisions based on financial data
  • Measure impact of federal taxation and financial leverage on the cash flow from acquisition, ownership and disposition phases of CRE investments
  • Use real estate analysis tools to quantify investment return
  • Analyze investment factors for property types (office, industrial, retail, multifamily, etc)
  • Use “big data” to analyze market demand, location facility, site selection and supply chain strategy
  • Apply Market and Competitive Analysis, Location and Site Analysis, and Financial Analysis to make fundamental investment decisions
  • Perform state of the art geospatial analyses
  • Forecast future demand opportunities for investment
  • Apply cost of occupancy models for ownership and leasing
  • Utilize market and financial analysis techniques for user space decisions by aligning goals with real estate strategy
  • Apply decision making skills such as lease buyout analysis, sale leaseback to optimize user space decisions
  • Perform comparative lease analysis to generate capital from owned real estate
  • Advise on lease vs purchase decision to facilitate expansion
  • Integrate negotiation skills with financial analytical skills to maximize outcomes
  • Optimize investment returns and effectively forecast investment performance by quantifying real estate risk
  • Use sensitivity analysis to pinpoint changes in market fundamentals that affect investment goals
  • Deploy risk analysis to mitigate internal/external threats through smart planning and negotiations