Market Intelligence

The commercial real estate industry is going through historic changes. The Ivy Group is perfectly aligned to meet the needs of the challenges in today’s changing environment. It’s more than trading properties. It’s about understanding investment fundamentals of the asset at the individual and portfolio level, optimizing Net Operating Income (NOI) and creating value.

The Ivy Group is the premier expert in commercial real estate. We are the most capable and experienced industrial practitioners in Silicon Valley. We are the most knowledgeable, experienced and successful specialist.

Whether you are actively pursuing the sale of your real estate asset or interested in maximizing returns during ownership, The Ivy Group unique investment expertise will create value for your investment real estate. Our extensive local market knowledge enables us to advise you on leading-edge pricing, property positioning, and creating long-term investment strategies that support wealth generation and preservation.

With access to every single property in the Bay Area, we provide comprehensive data so that you can make decisions with confidence. Our ability to deliver accurate and trusted information to you has won us the business of the most trusted clients.

Our experience in evaluating properties include:

  • Site Selection
  • Market Analysis
  • Demand/absorption Analysis
  • Perform state of the art geospatial analyses
  • Use sensitivity analysis to pinpoint changes in market fundamentals that affect investment goals
  • Deploy risk analysis to mitigate internal/external threats through smart planning and negotiation
  • Use advanced technology tools such as mapping and tapestry segmentation to forecast future demand and make the optimal site selection