Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development Goals

The Ivy Group is about giving, instead of taking. It’s about using our platform as a business, and our life as a human being, to create purpose and meaning both in our life and in the lives of those around us. By contributing, building and working together to come up with solutions to the problems of inequality and degradation, we can make the world a better place for everyone.

We put the needs of people, communities and resources at heart of every commercial real estate transaction, to help build a better tomorrow.

We're Committed to Sustainable Solutions

At The Ivy Group we believe that we have a responsibility to minimize our environment footprint. We have sought ways to save paper, improve efficiency, increase opportunities, support communities and operate our business more sustainably.


Our philanthropic efforts are rooted in the company’s purpose of helping everyone discover the joy of life, and our values of inclusiveness and opportunities. Communities have been, and will continue to be, our primary focus.

Philanthropy is one way that The Ivy Group can address some of the toughest social and environmental challenges in our communities. It allows us to draw on our company’s strengths including our team members and partners to deliver an even greater impact. We support our communities through donations and corporate giving.

Supporting Rotary

We demonstrate our commitment to supporting the Rotary Club of Fremont through our strong legacy of giving and engagement.

In 2020, the Founder and President of The Ivy Group, Tim Vi Tran, ran 1,178 miles and raised over $3,750. All proceeds benefited the Rotary Club of Fremont, which supports local families in need of food, shelter and personal protective equipment during the COVID19 crisis.

Our commitment to supporting Rotary is unwavering, and we will continue to address our community’s needs now and in the future.