Meet the Team

Diego Cervantes

Marketing Strategist


Diego Cervantes assumes the role of digital Marketing Strategist at The Ivy Group, where he plays a pivotal role in expanding the company’s online footprint within the commercial real estate sector. As a seasoned digital marketer and consultant, Diego is dedicated to continually exploring innovative approaches to identify prospects and showcase the company’s accomplished commercial real estate projects through targeted online marketing campaigns.

In response to the transformative impact of the societal rapid changes on our daily lives, Diego demonstrated proactive resilience by seizing the opportunity for online education in the realm of digital marketing. During this process, he discovered a valuable avenue for learning through the Career Connections Program, powered by Meta (formerly Facebook). Upon successful completion of the program, Diego earned the privilege of consulting with The Ivy Group, contributing his expertise to streamline and enhance the company’s digital marketing presence.

His commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and leveraging online platforms underscores his role as a professional expert in the dynamic intersection of digital marketing and commercial real estate.